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Financial Services

Xaple Media’s Financial and Banking services offering analytics solutions are centered around helping organizations address a portion of these core difficulties to drive gainful development.

Drive Growth

We help Financial Services companies to extend and develop clients through granular perceptions about existing customers, their necessities and purchasing habits. We utilize these insights in order to assemble customized, client driven, multi-channel focusing on procedures, subsequently quickening income development.

Promotion Effectiveness

We design experiments, use verifiable information, historical data to comprehend client’s value effectively and prescribe ideal costs to drive income development productively.

Manage Risk and Reduce Losses

We posses profound mastery in helping organizations asses chances through client life cycle and assess credit methodologies to manage exposure. We mine value based information to recognize proactive risk intervention, identify extortion and most appropriate actions to diminish loss.

Optimize Operations

We concentrate on enabling companies use multi-channel activities to comprehend satisfaction and significantly enhance client experience while lessening the cost to serve. We use information, plan tests to comprehend client conduct towards alternate low cost channels to enhance appropriation.

Supplier Management

We use propelled time series and signal handling methods to figure out product costs, demand and accordingly define inventory planning strategy.