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Hospitality business is currently a $61 billion dollar business. This sector is thriving at an exceptionally on quality accepting all the challenging issues like globalization and technology; it has become inevitable for the industry to handle operations, marketing and human resources in an effective way.

Key issues faced by hospital industry --- Challenges faced by Hospital Industry

Revamping Customer Experience
Revenue management and price optimization
Marketing effectiveness and business performance in hospitality industry

Revamping Customer Experience:

An effective way to augment revenue in hotels is to provide services that will increase customer loyalty. If given importance and applied carefully, it can enhance up-sell and cross-sell rates. Xaple Media, through Customer Experience Management Solution create a preserved and long term customer experience across different mechanisms.

Revenue management and price optimization:

Most of the hotels are facing the problems of revenue management and price optimization. In that case, Customer Intelligence is the key. Xaple Media creates a holistic and flexible understanding of customers by gathering, contextualizing and analyzing data.

Marketing intelligence and business performance in hospitality industry:

An effective marketing strategy is needed for hospitality industry to attract new customers and sustain their loyalty. Xaple Media is an expert in creating successful marketing strategy and help hotels or resorts make productive marketing campaigns.