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Product Photoshoot

In the time of the twenty-first century, where people are motivating themselves basically in the online market for buying and selling goods, this is the peak time to introduce Xaple Media (P) Ltd. with a new dimension. No, we are not saying it is new term of photography but day by day Xaple Media (P) Ltd. is capturing its market that specializes in e-commerce photography, product photography, food photography, jewellery photography, interior photography, architecture photography, industrial and commercial photography. Based in Kolkata, and covering India, our work experience goes with a variety of clients- from large multinationals to small businesses as well as individuals, in a variety of sectors.

Our Experienced top photography team, is going to deliver you high-quality output, it also offers stylish, amazing, architectural and property photography for retail, hospitality and property dealers. Our Commercial Photography includes real estate photography that guarantees your property will look good through our lenses. As complementary, 360-degree virtual tours are also taken.

Commercial photography is basically based upon requirements of those companies, which generally care to introduce a new range of clean, simple but sophisticated images for their E-commerce website for upbringing or uplifting their products like Interior Photography etc or any kind of marketing materials or industrial objects shoot like factory, office interiors and people and corporate photography.

We Are Experts In

  • Fashion Shoot
  • Product Shoot
  • Flat Styled Shoot
  • Product Features Shoot
  • Corporate Shoots
  • Model Makeover
  • Invisible Mannequin Shoot
  • Creative Chorma Shoot